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Additional PocoHud Trackers

Download Additional PocoHud Trackers / revision 7 "Not dead yet, just almost. Bah, who even cares"

  • Updated for compatibility with BLT 2.x
  • Removed redundant validity checks
  • Fixed the Muscle / Hostage Taker regen timer ticking perpetually despite the perk / skill not actually being equipped (broken since U135, thanks, OVK >.> )
    • Note that this still does not fix the issue where the timer ticks perpetually despite already being at full health if the perk / skill /is/ equipped (this is due to another related bug that surfaced after the transition to LuaJIT, which is why the health / armor indicator keeps flashing red every five seconds even though no damage has been taken at all)
  • Fixed the Unseen Strike critical hit chance boost buff to function again (broken since U153, the skill is still pointless anyway given the limitations and heavy point investment requirement)
  • Fixed an issue where the Unseen Strike critical hit chance boost buff remains visible despite taking damage and losing the boost if the Unseen Strike damage avoidance buff is disabled
  • Adjusted skill poll initialization delays to resolve a potential race condition that could occur if QueryPoco() gets executed later than the skill polls

Yes, Delayed Calls Fix is still needed. No, the fix is not in BLT 2. If anything, BLT's implementation hasn't even changed at all from its most recent code in BLT 1.

Download Additional PocoHud Trackers