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Additional PocoHud Trackers

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0.0.3 / revision 3 "What is sleep? Never mind - I'll take twenty of it"

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when restarting a level
  • Fixed an issue where values are not displayed for the Maniac skill's accumulated stack buff when using the 'Vanilla' buff style
  • Added support for tracking the following information:
    • Aggressive Reload skill duration
    • Inspire skill revive cooldown
    • Forced Friendship skill damage absorption
    • Dire Need skill duration
    • Ammo Efficiency skill duration and headshot count
    • Unseen Strike skill damage avoidance and critical hit chance boost durations
    • Cumulative critical hit chance
    • Second Wind skill move speed boost duration
    • Up You Go skill damage reduction duration
    • Running From Death skill weapon swap / reload speed boost and move speed boost durations
    • Bloodthirst skill melee damage boost and weapon reload speed boost duration
  • Some skills (e.g. Unseen Strike, Bloodthirst basic) do not currently function exactly the way they are described in the Skill Tree GUI, this mod follows their actual, incorrect implementations instead of adhering strictly to their descriptions
  • Added a fix to prevent the Unseen Strike skill's polling coroutine from needlessly executing while in the main menu
  • Added dependency on a mod that provides a fixed implementation of BLT's DelayedCalls class

Phew, what a backlog. I sure hope I didn't break anything with all these changes

Download Additional PocoHud Trackers