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Meth Helper Updated

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An updated version of Cloaker Magnet's Meth Helper. A bit over-engineered, but that's what I like to do.

This mod deciphers Bain or Locke's incompetent meth-cooking instructions on Rats, Cook-Off, and Lab Rats, as well as Border Crystals (new in U168).

Meth Helper Updated can display the following information:

  • The name of the correct meth ingredient to be put in
  • When an ingredient has been successfully added
  • When a batch of meth has been completed
  • When the wrong ingredient has been added

Each of these pieces of information can be set to display individually in several different ways:

  • Send to all players (Public Message)
  • Send only to yourself (Private Message)
  • Show as a "hint" onscreen which disappears after a few seconds

You can also choose to enable/disable the mod with a keybind of your choosing, or in the menu. In addition, you may choose to allow this mod to repeat the name of the correct ingredient until you put it in. All of these options are available in the mod options for Meth Helper Updated.

All settings changes will take place immediately.

If you would like to help translate this mod to another language, please feel free to contact me and I will put the translation in immediately!

Please contact me if you find a bug, have a question or comment, or just want to tell me how great a modder I am some feedback. In descending order of optimacy, you may contact me via Discord, via Reddit, in the private messages on this site, on the comments of this mod, or via Steam.

Download Meth Helper Updated