Mods Make Technician Great Again!

Make Technician Great Again!

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This mod adds the ability to place drills on bulldozers if you meet these requirements:

  • have the skill Kickstarter aced;
  • be in front of the bulldozer;
  • and of course, be a little bit mad to attempt such a move.

If you manage to place it, the drill will shortly kill the bulldozer, though in the mean time he might get angry at you...

Compatibility notes

1/ The host must run the mod.

2/ A modded client joining a vanilla lobby will just make MTGA to stay inactive.

3/ Not all maps load the drill object (like Aftershock or White Xmas), in such cases MTGA loads an additional package so it works on all heists.

4/ What happens when a vanilla client joins a modded lobby...
... on a map lacking the drill asset? MTGA becomes inactive for everyone in order to prevent to crash the vanilla client.
... on a map having the drill asset? MTGA stays active, if a drill is placed, the vanilla client will see it but it will stay where it was spawned (as opposed to linked to the bulldozer's head, just a minor glitch only on his end)

Download Make Technician Great Again!