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Better Assault Indicator

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Based on Nepgearsy's Wave Survive Mod

Features (features with * can be enabled/disabled/changed):

  • Show Endless Assault Box when game triggered endless assault
  • Hide hostage panel during endless assault*
  • Change Assault Box, Assault Box with Captain, Endless Box, Wave Survived Box and Point of no Return Box color*
  • Show Wave Survived Banner when you and your crew survives police assault*
  • Experimental support for clients to trigger EA Box*
  • Show difficulty name instead of skulls*

All heists up to Henry's Rock (Spring Break 2018 Day 7; Update #179) are supported (with some exceptions; see below) on both host and client.

White Xmas is currently not supported on client (due to issues the mission has)
If you drop-in to an already EA, client will see Normal Assault Box. In order to trigger EA Box, client needs to drop-in before EA kicks in (doesn't happen when host have this mod enabled)


  • BLT or SuperBLT (BeardLib not required)
  • Not modded Assault Banner

Note to VR users:
This mod has not been tested on VR. It may or not work correctly. Proceed with caution

Supported languages:

  • English
  • Thai (this mod needs to be enabled in order to load Thai language: PAYDAY 2 Thai Language (you can download it from ModWorkshop)) - thanks to NewPJzuza

You want to translate my mod to your language? Sure, add me on Steam so we can talk about it

Download Better Assault Indicator