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Iter improves navigation of all AIs.

This is the kind of fun that base game is able to provide.

Main features

  • a reworked algorithm for long paths involving the traversal of several navigation segments
  • a path extender to prevent pauses when changing of navigation segment
  • a path streamliner to reduce silly detours
  • improved congestion handling around navlinks (ladders, jumps, climbing, ...)
  • a bunch of map changes (see below)

Map fixes

Alaskan Deal:
fixed AI navigation for boat access (prow side)
fixed a few navlinks
Bank Heist: X:
made sure that AI can always enter the vault
Beneath The Mountain:
fixed AI access to 2 entrance control rooms
Big Bank:
fixed guards stuck in inner area
Big Oil D2:
fixed AI access to computer room of 1st floor if opened with a drill or a keycard
Birth of Sky:
fixed access to roof of gas station
Boiling Point:
fixed issue with blown up wall on the left
Brooklyn Bank:
fixed navigation in the sewers entrance
Car Shop:
fixed computer bricked by ECM
Diamond Heist:
improved performances
Diamond Store:
fixed door between security room and store when opened by AI
Escape: Garage:
fixed navigation when some doors are opened with a saw
Firestarter D1:
fixed navigation blocked even when a random wall is not spawned
fixed navigation when shooting fences' padlocks
Firestarter D3:
made sure that AI can always enter the vault
Goat Simulator D1:
fixed an issue where AIs were blocked near a white truck
fixed navigation so AI can enter the exit truck when it's under a bridge
Hotline Miami D1:
fixed multiple issues with segments going underground
fixed 37 glitchy hiding places
Jewelry Store:
added navigation between a cop car and a parked car
Panic Room:
improved performances
fixed multiple navigation door blockers that prevented segments to be linked
Reservoir Dogs D1:
fixed navigation when a fence locker is shot open
Safe House Raid:
improved performances
fixed spawn of civilian heisters when a player quits
Santa's Workshop:
fixed an issue with some stairs
Scarface Mansion:
fixed issues around the crashed cadillac
Shadow Raid:
fixed stuck guards in the warehouse
fixed a collision with a ladder
Stealing Xmas:
fixed access to the backroom of the shoe store
fixed a few navlinks
The Biker Heist D1:
fixed navigation around the bunker entrance
The Biker Heist D2:
fixed several blocked paths
fixed navigation involving ladders in boxcars
The Diamond:
fixed blocker and kick script of the front door
Transport: Train Heist:
fixed accessibility in the entrance of TF-WAGON 1 which is close to TF-WAGON 2
fixed navigation when warehouse's doors are open with c4 or a saw
Watchdogs D1:
fixed navigation around police car right in front of truck where players spawn

Map additions

added access to the 4 ladders leading to the bridge
Art Gallery:
extended friendly AI navigation so they can enter/exit entrance hall when front doors are closed
Cook Off / Rats D1:
added roof access to the bots
Golden Grin Casino:
make vault accessible to bots in stealth
Rats D2:
added wooden bridge access to the bots

Special thanks to Malidictus for all the quality input and testing he provided.

Download Iter