Mods Iter


Iter improves navigation of all AIs. It includes many features you can disable via the options menu.

Main features:

  • a reworked algorithm for long paths involving the traversal of several navigation segments
  • a path streamliner to reduce silly detours
  • improved congestion handling around navlinks (ladders, jumps, climbing, ...)
  • a bunch of map changes (see below)

Map fixes:

  • Boiling Point: fixed issue with blown up wall on the left
  • Goat Simulator D1: fixed an issue where AIs were blocked near a white truck
  • Hotline Miami D1: fixed multiple issues with segments going underground
  • Santa's Workshop: fixed an issue with some stairs
  • Scarface Mansion: fixed issues around the crashed cadillac
  • Stealing Xmas: fixed access to the backroom of the shoe store
  • Transport: Train Heist: fixed accessibility in the entrance of TF-WAGON 1 which is close to TF-WAGON 2

Map additions:

  • Aftershock: added access to the 4 ladders leading to the bridge
  • Cook Off / Rats D1: added roof access to the bots

Special thanks to Malidictus for all the quality input and testing he provided.