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Blackmarket Persistent Names

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This mod enables persistent names to be shown for various Blackmarket screens. Items which are not being selected or focused upon will have their names (and weapon mod icons, in the case of weapons) dimmed.


New in / revision 3:

Automatic multi-line name splitting greatly improves readability of long names:



Mod options

(the following are old screenshots from 0.0.1 / revision 1)

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Weapon selection

Weapon customization

Weapon purchase

Melee weapon selection

Mask selection

Mask material selection

Mask pattern selection

Mask color selection

Mask stash

Player character selection

Loadout weapon selection

Weapon selection (with the Always Show Mod Icons mod)

Weapon customization (with the Blackmarket Weapon Customization Revert mod)


Installation of the mod is straightforward - simply install the mod the same way as any other BLT mod. This mod integrates its options menu as a submenu of BLT's Mod Options menu.


  • This mod forces persistent names for items in the following Blackmarket views (can be controlled independently of one another in the Mod Options menu):
    • Primary and secondary weapon selection (on both the main menu and loadout)
    • Weapon purchase and weapon mod selection
    • Melee weapon selection
    • Throwable weapon selection
    • Deployable selection
    • Armor selection
    • Player character selection
    • Mask selection, stash, and customization
    • Steam Inventory
  • Any items which are selected (enclosed within a rectangular border) or highlighted (have enlarged icons) will have fully lit names and weapon mod icons (where applicable)
  • Custom name tags will not be faded when focus is lost and will instead remain fully lit (but this behavior can be disabled in the Mod Options menu)
  • This mod is tested for compatibility with the following mods:
    • Slippai~'s Always Show Mod Icons mod
    • My own Blackmarket Weapon Customization Revert mod
  • The localizations loading code was from TdlQ's excellent Lobby Player Info mod
  • This mod was requested by Iron Predator



0.0.1 / revision 1:
- Initial release

0.0.2 / revision 2:
- Added Mod Options configuration menu
- Added options for individually controlling persistent name presence on all
  supported Blackmarket views
- Added options for controlling custom name dimming behavior and quotation character
- Added persistent name support for the following Blackmarket views:
  - Throwable weapon selection
  - Deployable selection
  - Armor selection / revision 3 'Squint less':
- Fixed a JSON log spam issue related to BLT revision 14
- Slightly adjusted mod initialization
- Added support for automatic multi-line string splitting to greatly improve
  readability of very long names
  - Note that this currently only works with names that have spaces, long names
    without whitespace will continue to remain ant-sized

Download Blackmarket Persistent Names