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Contour Workaround


This mod suppresses contours, replacing them with colorized text labels instead. It also re-enables spotting of special units, which was disabled in U94.2.

UPDATE: Because OVK have removed the LOD system in U94.3, this mod is no longer necessary. That said, you can continue using it if you wish to do so as the 15% damage bonus from the Spotter Mastermind skill has been re-enabled as of / revision 4.

Why would I want to do something like this?


It's really up to you since the LOD crashes are gone (for now, at least). It used to be out of necessity, but now it is down to a matter of preference.


This mod was initially developed as a stopgap measure to block the LOD / renderer crashes from occurring (the LOD system was enabled in U94 and was responsible for the crashes). Contemporary workarounds at the time revolved around disabling contours from being applied, but none of them actually provided a substitute for the lost functionality, which this mod provided from the time of its release. As a temporary crash fix, OVK disabled spotting of special units during loud in U94.2, which this mod re-enabled (since it already blocked the renderer crash from occurring).

Since OVK have implemented a more concrete fix for the renderer crashes (as at U94.3), this mod's primary purpose has been fulfilled and it is therefore no longer needed. However, I am still providing it here as it may continue to provide benefits in other less common situations (e.g. missing contours when installing a certain shader .pdmod to boost performance).


Sixth Sense highlighting

Spotting in stealth

Civilian label

Mod Options


Installation of the mod is straightforward - simply install the mod the same way as any other BLT mod. This mod integrates its options menu as a submenu of BLT's Mod Options menu.


  • Only contours on cops, special units, teammates, civilians, and enemy turrets are disabled. Contours on bags and interactables (e.g. broken drills, ziplines) are not disabled and will be seen as usual.

    As of 0.0.3 / revision 3, special deployables (trip mines, ECM jammers, friendly sentry guns) use contours instead of labels by default to conserve screen space.

  • Instead of contours, marked units will have text labels above them (similar to teammates) with the contour's color. As with the teammate labels, the ones added by this mod will be dimmed out when aiming down the weapon sights directly at the target (but this behavior can be disabled in the Mod Options menu). Unmarked units will not have any such label.
  • Although you can spot special units with this mod, it does not bring back the 15% damage bonus from the Spotter Mastermind skill (since all special units have already had their healths reduced by 15% anyway). I will only revert this after OVK does.

    Spotter damage bonus functionality has been re-enabled as of / revision 4

  • Spotting special units does not mark them for other peers since the message is blocked from being sent to them. However, they will still see your character gesture and yell at the special unit as usual, with the only difference being the missing contour. I have plans to implement networking support to allow users of this mod to send the marking message to one another while continuing to block the message for peers who do not have the mod.

    As of 0.0.2 / revision 2, all connected peers who also have this mod installed will be able to see units marked by you, and vice versa. Peers who do not have the mod installed will not receive the marking message (otherwise their game may crash). In both cases, they will still see and hear your character point and yell at the special unit as usual.

    Full marking functionality has been re-enabled as of / revision 4

  • This mod is compatible with other mods that place contours on enemy units (such as the Intimidated Outlines mod by Undeadsewer) in that it silently intercepts the contours added by such mods and substitutes them with labels instead, with no additional functionality loss.
  • Sliders are provided to adjust labels' vertical positions. This allows you to adjust them to avoid collisions with labels added by other mods (such as those added by PocoHud's Floating Labels feature)
  • Should you still encounter renderer crashes with this mod, please let me know so I can look into why it is failing to work around the crash issue. I can only fix issues that I can see, so please provide as much detail as you can, including:

    1. The name of the heist and which day it was (if applicable)
    2. Your location in the level just before you crashed
    3. Progress of the day's mission (i.e. how far you managed to go before you crashed)
    4. crash.txt


  • Nervatel Hanging Closet Monster for suggesting that the renderer crash might be related to material_config swapping (which this mod disables)
  • The networking implementation was from =SB= TdlQ's versatile Keepers mod (no longer present as of / revision 4)
  • The localizations loading code was from =SB= TdlQ's excellent Lobby Player Info mod
  • The Pause menu text removal code and background halving setting were from Armithaig's nifty Simple Voice Commands mod



0.0.1 / revision 1:
- Initial release

0.0.2 / revision 2:
- Implemented networking support
  - Users of this mod will now send marking messages to one another, while
    continuing to block the message for peers who do not have the mod (to prevent
- Improved unit name accuracy for Murkywater units (was GenSec Elite) and Hostage
  Rescue Team units (was Metropolitan SWAT)
  - Note that the perimeter guards on Hoxton Revenge will still continue to be
    labeled as GenSec Elite units as I have yet to determine a suitable way to
    identify them
- Renamed Metropolitan SWAT to Blue SWAT
- Removed some debug output

0.0.3 / revision 3 'Much longer than I expected':
- Added missing names for trip mines and ECM jammers
- Added Mod Options configuration menu
- Added minion label colorization support
  - Minion labels will now be colorized with their owning player's color
- Added support for permitting special deployables (trip mines, ECM jammers,
  friendly sentry guns) to continue using contours as they normally would instead
  of using labels to conserve screen space
- Added label fading support for timed and flashing labels
- Added support for disabling label dimming when aiming down weapon sights
- Added support for customizing label vertical offsets in world and screen spaces
  - PocoHud users with the Floating Labels feature enabled should set world offset
    to 0 and screen offset to 15 or 68 to fix label collisions
- Added translations support
  - Unit names can now be displayed in other languages
- Improved unit name accuracy for deployable sentry guns and enemy turret units
  (was SWAT Turret)
- Improved label flashing consistency
- Tinted label colors slightly to more closely resemble their contour counterparts
- Fixed flashing labels remaining visible while flashbanged
- Fixed peers not being removed from the message whitelist upon disconnection / revision 4:
- Re-enabled the 15% damage boost from the Spotter Mastermind skill
- Fixed Locke being incorrectly identified as Hoxton in Beneath The Mountain
- Removed network filtering code
  - Marking messages will now unconditionally be sent to all connected peers,
    regardless of whether they have the mod installed / revision 5
- Fixed a crash issue related to label colors (thanks to Mother_Flowers for the
- Added missing Taxman name