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To sum it up, it's simply a mod that tries to balance certain aspects of the game while at the same time increasing the game's difficulty to make the game more intense and challenging while remaining fair to the player. There's a million different things the dumb mod does and I don't have enough room to list every single thing here, so go here for a somewhat complete list of things the mod adds/changes.

Weapon Overhaul

Yeah I know what some folks are probably thinking, ANOTHER weapon overhaul? This one's slightly different, the system is balanced similar to pre U79 values to keep the gunplay about the same as it was before Crimefest ruined gun balance, as well as nerfing a few aspects of weapons. Most weapons have had their damage based on the actual caliber of the bullet that the weapon uses, tactical reloading is present on all closed bolt magazine fed weapons, and new weapon mods such as drum magazines have been enabled.

Weapon stats boosts from both skins and stat boosting mods HAVE BEEN disabled. Stat Boost mods have been replaced with Stat Modifiers, which are not straight upgrades. While they will increase a stat on a weapon it also will reduce ANOTHER stat, so just gives more ways to customize your weapons.

Of course: this part automatically turns off if you install something like DMCWO.

Skill/Perk Changes

This might be the part where I lose people, but it's worth it I promise.

While I don't have enough room to go into huge detail as to what I did, to sum it up I changed the way the skilltrees were handled. The big changes are the tier requirements for unlocking the tiers. For example to get to Tier 3 now, you need 9 skillpoints invested in the subtree, and 18 for tier 4. Infamy no longer lowers these requirements as I didn't agree with it having an effect on gameplay. Now infamy is just cosmetic and a status symbol as (I believe) it should be.

Oh, and did I mention I lowered the max skillpoints to 100 from 120? Hey look at that, now you can't have a jack of all trades build as easily. And before you go unloading on me, you have to remember the entire point of this mod is to make the game harder.

And before you ask: No, you CANNOT turn this option off. As it's essential to the mod's gameplay balance. If you would like to see a detailed spreadsheet about the new subtree setups and such go here!

Cop Changes

Probably what the mod's known more for anyway, the AI in general has been upgraded to offer a larger challenge to the player. Enemy stats have been changed across the board to be similar to pre-housewarming, so no more crazy bullet sponge 225 damage SWATs, lower difficulties have been changed to be less of a snoozefest but still fair to the average level playing those difficulties and higher difficulties have been made harder without just inflating HP/damage. New AI tactics left unused by Overkill have also been enabled, including shield formations, unique squads of specials designated for specific situations, and clearing rooms with support grenades.

Why stop at just improving the AI's abilities? Their spawn rates have been adjusted to not completely overload the game like vanilla does which ends up making the game chug pretty badly. Instead now units will spawn in squads that allow units to work together better, for example Dozers spawning with shield flanks to cover his approach to the player. On top of this the cut unit the "Gensec Shotgunner" has been enabled and acts as the squad leader of Gensec Elites on the Deathwish difficulty, and the now cut Hostage Rescue Teams now spawn between assaults with the intent to avoid frontal combat and rescue hostages from right under our noses.

New enemy units have also been added recently thanks to Beardlib. Such as: Gensec Heavy SWAT, FBI SWAT Veterans, the akimbo glock wielding Veteran Cop, and the grenade lobbing Grenadier.

However having cop changes enabled forces your game to only be able to play with other SC's mod users, due to custom units crashing non-modded clients.

That's just a quick summary of the major changes my mod brings to the table, you're better off taking a look in game to gather all the details. As well as checking my group to get more in depth analysis about the mod, as well as just using it to keep up with updates easier.


Download SC's Mod