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Various Text Changes

After a long time of me not doing anything, I present to you the Various Text Changes mod! This is basically the 'Heists and Others' preset I put together for the Custom Strings mod, except that it now features more changes and auto-updates! Some of the changes I've made might upset some people, as some of them are a bit bigger than I was expecting. So, here's a rundown of the changes:

As you can likely guess from the name of the preset, this changes the heist names. All of them (well, except for Election Day). The reason for this is that the heist names in Payday: The Heist were more creative and interesting in my opinion, yet most of the heists in Payday 2 are uninspired and just describe the heist. For this reason Election Day was the only one to remain as it is, although some of the names I've come up with might be just as uninspired. Feel free to tell me what you think of the changes.

The menu text has been changed. This means that instead of it says Play Online, and if you have installed it also changes that text in order to keep everything fitting and nothing out of place. Gamehub has also been renamed to Steam Community, because that's what it is.

A couple of things in the options have been renamed to give you a better idea of what they do.

The inventory has been renamed to Character Hub because it isn't just an inventory any more.

Speaking of Perk Decks, they have been renamed to Specializations. This is what perk decks are refferred to internally as and I thought it sounded much cooler than Perk Deck, so it stuck.

The entire infamy tree has been renamed. Now the names for the later infamy levels don't just say the name of the mask you unlock, and it all sounds much better.

A few other minor changes have been made to the interface, for example the notification telling you to put your mask on is gone. I mean, if you've played the game for over 5 minutes I'm pretty sure you won't need to be told what button to press anymore, and it frees up a little bit of the screen.

In line with the changes made to make it feel a little more like Payday: The Heist, the "Hold Enter to Skip" has been removed. Don't worry, it still works, but the text is no longer there. You can still tell if you can skip by checking if the loading text isn't there, if it isn't there then your good.

The DLC advertisements on the title get hidden if you don't have the DLC, meaning no more advertisements!

Also hides the debug button for if you have the freecam mod installed.

As you can tell, this makes a lot of changes. I don't expect people to like these changes, however I think they work quite nicely and you can adapt to them quickly.

So, some people are probably thinking "What makes this different from the old version in the Custom Strings preset?" Well, for a start this version has many, many more changes. Again, if they are for the better or the worse you can decide. In addition to this it has auto-update, which means that if I start changing things because enough people complain that there's a problem then you don't have to worry about coming here, which works spectacularly for lazy people. On top of this it also generally means I can update the mod a bit better, so why not upgrade to this version if you're using the old preset?

That was rhetorical, don't answer that.