Mods Keepers


Everybody knows that the bots love you so much they can't let you go away more than 5 meters from them. Let's make it an option!

1/ A shout on a following bot (Team AI or joker) stops him where he is (with the usual variations due to network lag). Next to his name, a shield icon lets you know the state of the bot. Being stopped, he'll act more or less like a sentry.

2/ Shout at a stopped bot and he'll be back to follow you closely.

3/ Ever heard of GoonMod? This fine piece of lua has a feature called "custom waypoints". Keepers makes use of it: place a mark, shout at any bot, and rather than keeping his current position, he'll go where the mark is (and he remembers the position so you can remove your mark and place it elsewhere). Keepers is independant of GoonMod, this is just a bonus cross feature.

This permits new tactics like:

  • taking down a swat van turret while bots guard your precious drill ;
  • having fun in corridors without letting some electrical box unprotected.

One difference between TeamAI and joker: everybody can call TeamAI but only the joker's owner can issue orders to him. To prevent confusion between jokers, they get a name (that you can customize and sync with other Keepers users).

It's not perfect (shocking, I know) and there are some limitations:

  • TeamAIs are still as *insert your preferred qualificatives here* as they were ;
  • this is an AI mod so the host must run the mod, clients without the mod are unaffected, modded clients playing in a vanilla hosted game are unaffected.

When a player joins your lobby, he is informed via a chat message: