'' Standalone

Standalone version of the feature '' from HoxHud with more fancy features. Download


What does A.B.A.P. stand for? As Boosted (or Ballin) As Possible People been saying "This gun ain't got good boosts." This mod allows you ta put any stat boost on any weapon. Making boosts finally Ballin as shit Want ta add -4 accuracy to a s

Achievement Hunter

Description: Achievement Hunter will let everyone know if you're trying to complete an achievement. All players currently in your lobby and new players joining will receive a chat message about your lobby agenda. This mod allows you to complete achievemen

Adaptive Resync

This mod helps to decrease the gap between positions of characters (host/client) and fixes some synchronization bugs. Speed up players' husks (sprint: original/fixed; crouching: original/fixed). Send the missing steps of cops' paths, see detailed explana

Additional PocoHud Trackers

About This mod extends PocoHud to add support for tracking and displaying the following information: Bullseye skill cooldown Armorer perk deck damage invulnerability duration and cooldown Maniac perk deck stack refresh and decay intervals Accumulated Man

ADS Fire Mode

This mod will automatically switch your weapon to a predefined fire mode when aiming down sight. ADS fire mode is on "single" by default, you can edit this in playerstandard.lua (line 1). You can now choose to deactivate the mod for specific w

Aim, Ivan! Aim!

This mod prevents AI snipers from shooting while walking. Download

Assault States

Adds the states of the assault in the assault corner banner. This only works if you host your game. Includes: Control state Anticipation state Build state Sustain state Fade state Customization: Textlist (make your own custom one in the localization!)

Auto Fire Sound Fix

This mod fixes the bug sound when you fire a single bullet in auto fire, which for most weapons produces a second bullet sound. If you notice a sound bugged weapon, please ensure you don't have any conflicting mod (such as audio mods affecting weapons), i

Auto-Discard Parachute

About Annoyed about being unable to pick money bundles / bags up on Birth of Sky? Chances are, you forgot to ditch your parachute 'bag' after landing (again). But that's what this simple mod takes care of, so you don't have to do so manually. As soon as y

Badass Camera

About This little mod re-enables the main menu backdrop camera's transition animations. It is inspired by LASTBULLET_WOLFY's .pdmod-based mod of the same name. However, unlike the other mod, this mod is entirely Lua-based, so game updates are safe (now yo

Bag Contour

Change the color of bags' contour: lootbags get a colour depending of their weight ; bodybags loose their contour as soon as the heist goes loud. Colours are configurable in the options. The mod generates the file "PAYDAY 2/mods/saves/bag_contou

Bain Can't Cook For Shit

Please consider joining my Steam Group: Joining the group lets me know I'm doing the right thing with this mod; that people like it, and it also allows you to give your feedback on the mod, and report any problems y

Bain Chatter

Do you get bored while waiting for the thermal drill to finish but are too comfortable to wear that clunky armor and do it loud? Did you ever wish you could hear more of Bain (Honestly, who doesn't)? Then this mod will be perfect for you. While waiting ar

Basic Voices

Basic Voices allows you to bind loads of ingame sounds to any key on your keyboard or mouse. Essentially a soundboard for PAYDAY 2! To make a request for a sound to be added to the mod, email me at [email protected] with any sound from this spreads

Basic Voices Reborn

Basic Voices Reborn is an upgraded version of the existing Basic Voices mod. It contains every sound line playable ingame listed here : It works the same

Blackmarket Persistent Names

About This mod enables persistent names to be shown for various Blackmarket screens. Items which are not being selected or focused upon will have their names (and weapon mod icons, in the case of weapons) dimmed. Previews New in / revision 3: Auto

Blackmarket Weapon Customization Revert

About Annoyed at how long the new weapon customization scene takes to load and how inefficiently it uses screen space to show the available mods? Wishing for a revert to what it used to be prior to Update 79? Now you can. Previews Usage Installation of

Bot Weapons and Equipment

This BLT mod allows you to choose the Team AIs weapons as well as their visual appearence via ingame menus. Weapons as well as the visual appearence like armor, masks and deployables will be synchronized with other players in your lobby (deployables are

Bots and Bags Fix

This mod will fix bots randomly dropping their bags as well as increase the distance at which they can catch bags, so you don't have to throw them that precisely. Download latest version


BuilDB is a build manager that uses pd2skills URL format. It adds 4 buttons to the skills window. Export to pd2skills. It opens the steam overlay and go to with an URL corresponding to your skillset. Save current. It appends the current bu

Bulletstorm-enabled Ammo Bag Contours

About This mod replaces the contours around Bulletstorm-enabled ammo bags to allow them to be distinguished from basic ones. Basic ammo bags retain their usual aquamarine contour, while Bulletstorm-enabled ammo bags now have either a deeper blue contour (

Carry Stacker Reloaded

Carry Stacker - Now reloaded! :) Have you ever thought Man... I could get a hold of some more paintings on myself... But I can only carry one. Well, wait no longer! I hereby bring you a fully functional and customizable Carry Stacker (Reloaded) in a stand

Chat Info

This mod will display a notification under the chat inputbox whenever someone who is also using the mod is typing something in chat. Download latest version


A ChatCommands API to use Commands over the ingame/lobby chat. I decided to write a standard-Command-API to give users the chance to do not have to use lots of different command-syntaxes from different mods. Since this an easy-to-use API, it'll be easy to


This mod allows you to clean up messes made by cheaters. Currently, you can only deduct variable amounts of offshore and spending cash, or reset your offshore/spending entirely.


This mod tells everyone that you have been cloaked. Features: Sends a message about you getting cloaked. FAQ: Q: Could you create {X} feature? A: Post your suggestion in the comment and I will try to integrate it if the idea gets lots of love from ot


Hello!, CompactHUD changes the hud to be a bit more compact/clean. i got rid of the health circle and replaced it numbers and armor is the line below the health. with the teammates i decided to take away : armor, ammo counters, grenades and cable ties mak

Contour Workaround

About This mod suppresses contours, replacing them with colorized text labels instead. It also re-enables spotting of special units, which was disabled in U94.2. UPDATE: Because OVK have removed the LOD system in U94.3, this mod is no longer necessary. Th

Create Empty Lobby

About This little mod allows you to conveniently create a contractless lobby directly from the main menu. The new lobby is made friends-only by default to prevent random players from joining and hogging up slots while the contract is decided upon / other

Crime Spree Rank Spread Filter Fix

About Currently (as at U143), the game's Crime Spree Rank Spread lobby filtering code behaves in a rather bizarre way - for example, selecting a rank spread filter of 200 does not actually prevent lobbies with ranks below 200 from appearing which adds noi

DeadMansChest's Weapon Overhaul

What do Steam group DISCLAIMER Despite being out of pre-release, I'm still changing things left right and center, don't get too used to things Also don't blame me if OVK or other players get on your case, use this mod in pubs at your own risk. Which bring

Delayed Calls Fix

Ahem. Delayed Calls Fix has nothing whatsoever to do with BeardLib, so please direct all questions and / or problem reports related to Delayed Calls Fix to me (i.e. Snh20), and NOT Simon / GREAT BIG BUSHY BEARD. Thank you. You can contact me (Snh20) by:

Disabled skin included modifications

Disabled skin included modifications is mod that disable attachments included in higher tier skins so when applying such skins to already modded weapons attachments will be keep. Download Mod page on Mod Workshop

Drag and Drop Inventory

Adds the ability to drag and drop items in your inventory. You can change the active page like this: Download

Endless Assault Indicator

Displays red Assault Banner, when the game triggered an endless assault. Works: When you are the host When client and host have it Doesn't work when the client has it and the host don't. Doesn't require BeardLib. BLT only. Not modded HUD (Vanilla HUD requ

Enhanced Hitmarkers

This mod helps you to differenciate 6 cases of hitmarkers: the shape of the hitmarker tells if the hit was lethal or not ; the color indicates the type of damage inflicted: body shot, head shot or critical hit. If none of the texture pleases you, you

Enhanced Tripmines

This mod allows sensor-mode trip mines to highlight civilians in stealth and non-special enemies in loud. Your trip mines are now immune to all damage when in sensor mode. Other players will not be able to change the mode of your trip mines, only you ca

Extra Attachments Complation

Adds the akimbo extra attachments, bootleg's attachments, some more new extra attachments like the Saiga-12's Drum magazine, AK's drum mag, the MP5 drum magazine, KSP 58's wolf legendaries, M1911's legendary laser, most legendary parts (Exept the flamethr

Fading Contour

This mod gives you control over the fading out of temporary contours. You can change the fade out behaviour in the options menu. Here is a few examples of what they do: Download

Feature Modpack (Bodhi's War Repair)

"SEVEN SCROLLS" SET: A collection of scripts made by Seven that have been converted to the BLT hook for use. In this collection, there are scripts that allow skipping of the black introduction screen to a heist, the statistics screen, and the pi

Filtered Camera Beeps

This mod changes how security cameras beep. In the base game, you don't know if a camera is seeing you or another player. With this mod, which is effective only if the host runs it, all players will hear the beeps only if they are concerned, possible reas

Flashing Swan Song

This mod puts a yellow blinking contour on your teammates who are in swan song. Download


About This mod provides a bunch of new frame rate limit options in addition to the existing ones. Yes, it actually is possible to go beyond 135 fps. Existing options: 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135 New options: 144, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300 UP

Full Speed Swarm

This mod makes large numbers of enemies active without destroying performance. What exactly does this mod do? 1/ Normal behavior of a cop First, let's define what is the normal behavior of a cop as it's a really important notion to understand how FSS can


GageHud is a Hud Extension Compilation that is put together from many mods various modders created. Features are: Hud-StatsScreen CustomHud DynamicHud MiniMap(The Casino Map is not that accurate) Percentage HudSuspicion Kill-Counter Skip Restart Counter (

Gensec Shotgunners

Simple mod that enables the currently unimplemented Gensec Shotgunner as a unit on Deathwish, as well as fixing his weapon handling to work properly as a Benelli. DOWNLOAD!

Grenade mid-air Shooting removal

Removes the ability for frag grenades, rockets and grenade launcher nades to be shot from mid-air since dynamite already does this making TNT a straight upgrade from all the grenades. (Warning: This ONLY works if you are the host or the host happens to h

HoloUI - Customizable UI

HoloUI is a UI mod that changes most of the UI design of the game and has a lot of customization! Features: Changes the design of the Hud & menu almost completely. Improved Chat: View old messages, you can copy & paste, select text with mouse and


More infos at A PAYDAY 2 Mod to improve the aced Inspire skill: The mod is going to give downed teammates more shout priority in order to revive them instead of intimidating or marking enemies or interact with objects in your close environmen

Inventory Chat & Player States

About This mod enables accessing chat and viewing the states of other players in the lobby while in the inventory, blackmarket, preplanning,, skills and perk deck selection screens. Phew, what a mouthful. The following preview screenshots will l


Iter improves navigation of all AIs. It includes many features you can disable via the options menu. Main features a reworked algorithm for long paths involving the traversal of several navigation segments a path streamliner to reduce silly detours impr

Jacket's Minimap

Jacket's MiniMap allow you to use a minimap (obvious I know). Presentation video Features This mod have differents options: Enable/Disable the minimap. Enable/Disable the minimap rotation (as your sight). Set the minimap zoom (doesn't work). The minimap

Jon's Classic Gunplay Mod

JCGM aims to bring back "classic" (pre-Crimefest-2015) "vanilla" gameplay feeling many of us loved and miss, while also providing some realism and "game factor" based balance tweaks. Gameplay was balanced around and for vanil

Keep it clean!

This mod will penalize players who kill civilians. For each civilian killed, the player will be 2% more likely targeted (it's like the 15% of Meat Shield of the Muscle perk). Download


Enhance path of all bots so they get to you faster. Ensure bots take back their position if pushed back. Provide behaviors like "use cover" or "patrol". Handle jokers and let you name them. Fix all pathing issues of jokers so

Kill Feed

This mod provides you with a fully customizable kill feed. Every setting can be changed in the mod options menu. You can also find this mod on GitHub, so if you want to help with anything, feel free to fork the project, make changes and create a pull req

LMG Steelsights 0.62

Adds The ability to Aim down sights on all 5 LMGs. You can now Aim Down Sights while deployed and the deployed spread will act as if you were Aiming down sights. -New Feature on 0.60! You can now equip scopes on all the LMGs. Buzzsaw's suppressed barrel

Loading Screen Info

About This mod displays tips and game session information on the level loading screen, where available. Previews Usage Installation of the mod is straightforward - simply install the mod the same way as any other BLT mod. No configuration is necessary

Lobby Player Info

Show selected perk and skill distribution for each player in the lobby: It provides a synthetic overview of the team skills: Extra information is available in the loadout screen, you just have to put your mouse cursor over a player: Finally, you can cu

Main Menu Streamliner

Attention If you were encountering crashes with 0.0.3 / revision 3, please first update to / revision 4, then delete and re-generate mods/saves/mmstreamline_nodeconfig.lua to fully resolve the issue. On the other hand, if you were not having any c

Make Technician Great Again!

This mod adds the ability to place drills on bulldozers if you meet these requirements: have the skill Kickstarter aced; be in front of the bulldozer; and of course, be a little bit mad to attempt such a move. If you manage to place it, the drill will s

Melee Overhaul REvamped

Download A PAYDAY 2 Mod! This mod completely re-works the melee system in the game to enhance your meleeing experience! Main Features Press2Toggle Melee (Pressing your melee key will toggle your melee weapon.) Auto-charge (While equipping your melee

Money In Hud

Displays the money earned through the heist into the hud.

More Weapon Stats

An extension to the inventory more than inspired by Better Weapon Stats GUI by KarateF22, a lot of code comes directly from BWS. Download

Moveable Intimidated Cop

Once a cop has been dominated, you can move him like you would with a civilian hostage. You can direct the moved cop to your waypoint (requires GoonMod's Custom Waypoints). The behavior of a moved cop is described here. This is an AI mod so: the host mu


Minimalistic, scalable UI mod with tons of in-game options that liberates roughly 80% of needlessly obstructed pixels on your screen by default. This is aimed at those who are fairly familiar with the game already and do not need constant assistance from

Music Control

A standalone music mod that offers control over the music you play and adds additional playlists for you to customize. You can mute the Alesso music or rename a song you replaced, or create playlists, or auto-play music. MOD FEATURES LATEST UPDATE : R27

Nepgearsy HUD

I don't have a better name... This is a custom HUD I made that is compatible with all the previous HUD related mods I did. I moved some stuff, and added some stuff as well. Features: Compact assault states Kill counter Better objective panel Money In Hud

Newbies Go back to overkill

Tired of newbies joining your deathwish or overkill lobby, feeding on your ammo/meds getting downed every 5 seconds while carrying single ecm? Why not auto-manage your lobby? To be honest since Overkill cannot make an infamy filter or something else than

NPC Shotgun Pellets

This mod makes NPC shotguns work like Player shotguns so they fire multiple pellets instead of just one. Download latest version

NPC Weapon Customization

HD NPC Weapons Customization mod allows the player to define what weapons their bots and enemies will wield during combat. This mod supports first person texture changes to weapons. Download here

Oh Shit! More profiles

Adds more profiles for you to use up to 30 profiles. Similar to Oh no! More skillsets exept its on profiles. This mod also doubles the amount of characters you can add on a profile from 15 to 30. If the game loads without this mod active, extra profiles

PD2Weapons ToolKit

This is a mod for users of PD2Weapons website. It currently allows players to import loadout files downloaded from the site into the game. How to use: Create a loadout on and download the JSON file. Move the JSON file to the mod's &

PD:TH HUD Reborn

Welcome to Payday: The Heist HUD! Any Feedback is appreciated! :) Features!: Assault Triangle from PD:TH Hostages Text from PD:TH Time to escape timer from PD:TH Interaction bar with changing icons! Includes screen flashing when you go into Swan song! He

Player Randomizer

Are you feeling bored by always using the same loadout but are too lazy experimenting yourself? Why not let this mod choose for you? This mod allows you to randomize your loadout. It will choose anything you would be allowed to own from weapons to deploy

Please, Go There

A moved civilian hostage will go on your waypoint if you shout at him. The behavior of a moved hostage is described here. This is an AI mod so: the host must run the mod to enable the new commands ; modded clients playing with a modded host have access

Poser Reborn

Customize your menu to make awesome pictures ;) Main Features Hide/Show the menu so you can take pictures without the annoying menu buttons ;) Change your Characters pose, Position, Infamy Card and weapons the exact way you want them Hide the Payday 2 lo


Made by Babyforce, uploaded on Nepgear's account. You need to wait 5 seconds before you can send a message again in the chat so this mod hasn't been made to spam. Got tired of being cloaked while you were typing "Bulldozer !" ? Got tired of bein

Rainbow Flashlight

Rainbow Flashlight This mod gives the Rainbow colors to the Flashlight. Preview Download From Payday Mods From Last Bullet

Real Weapon & Mods Names

v1.81 What do? Renames nearly everything others or myself have managed to identify or make a close match to a real life counterpart. This mod doesn't exclusively rename weapons either, weapon mods such as suppressors or handguards are also renamed. CREDI

Real Weapon Mod Names

A mod that gives throwables, melee weapons, and attachments their real-life counterpart names. Download

Real Weapon Names

Real Weapon Names This mod changes the PAYDAY 2 weapon names with the real ones. It supports all weapons, weapon mods, melee weapons, throwables and also the HUD and Side Jobs! Download The mod can be downloaded on Mod Workshop and GitHub. To download th

Reload Then Run

Prevents the player from running and cancelling the reload of a weapon when the reload is almost finished, meaning 85% (default threshold) and above. Download


A Payday 2 Mod to prevent players from using doctor bags too early. You can set in the options menu the amount of downs needed in order to use the medic bag. It blocks the interaction with DoctorBags for you and your teammates while no healing is necessar

SC's Mod

To sum it up, it's simply a mod that tries to balance certain aspects of the game while at the same time increasing the game's difficulty to make the game more intense and challenging while remaining fair to the player. There's a million different things

Scrollable menus

This replaces the bad scrolling feature in some menus to the scrollbar we have in mutators allowing you to grab the scrollbar and scroll faster in other words, better. Download:

Seamlink's Gameplay Overhaul

This mod offers features like no other! Fun & Challenging gameplay experience, both at the same time! Comes with SlowMotion Trigger, Infinite Assault, Overhauled all weapons with Beardlib Custom Weapons Support! More enemies than ever! 70+ enemies pr

Side Jobs in Lobby

This mod gives access to the side jobs from the lobby: A diamond will tell you when a reward awaits to be taken: When you are in the side jobs screen, the other players in the lobby will see you like this: Download

Silent Assassin

This mod changes Payday 2's stealth gameplay changing the dynamic created by guards and pagers. Now, when you kill an unaware guard with a single shot, no pager goes off. The guard died too quickly to call in reinforcements. To balance this new power, the

Simple Functions

These are quality of life scripts created by Seven. Push-2-hold interaction, Prevent Accidental Grenades, and Voice chat indicator in one folder called Simple functions. We got this standalone of standalones situation, but if you are interested in having

Slowmotion Manager

This mod will let you control the 3 types of slowmotion you can get (mask-on, downed, and scripted). All the values can be customized in the options. If you want more slowmotion, less or disabling it completely, this mod is for you. http://download.payday

Sniper Focus

This mod changes how the Sniper AI Handles. Instead of immediately shooting you on sight, the sniper will now have to focus on you, before firing. What that means is that the sniper will keep his aim onto you for a few seconds, before firing. While he is

Sociopath Rework

This mod is a complete rework of the Sociopath perk deck, inspired by The Jumpoff's work on SA. More info on Last Bullet.

SPL Sets

This mod saves the loadout used with each skill/perk sets and restores it when you switch. Download

Spot Not Dominate

About Full name: "Spot that special, not dominate FFS!" Because the average player is more likely to be attempting to mark special units than dominate regular cops, this mod prioritizes spotting special units higher than domination attempts (whi

Stale Lobby Contract Fix

This mod is only for hosts of public games. If you only host friends-only games, then you do not need this mod. About This simple mod forces the lobby to be reported as contractless to Steam matchmaking upon contract completion or termination, as the gam

Steam Inventory in Lobby

Add the Steam Inventory button to the lobby. Other players will see you "In Inventory".

Stop Yelling

Also known as: Stop Screeching Already About This mod forces chosen characters to use their non-assault speech lines. This only affects your own game - all other players will still continue to hear the normal assault lines from your character and everyone

Straight To Main Menu

About Tired of having to click through video after video every time you start the game, only to be greeted by a screen that requires you to press yet another key so you can finally get to the main menu and be productive (mod developers will probably loath


Please see here:


This is Assets for SydneyHUD! Please Download it 1st!! Download via via Github: PR is welcome! Steam Group: Join to do not miss up update!

Technician Rework

Download Trip Mine Changes Demolition Man - Removed - Basic: Moved to Shaped Charge Ace - Aced: Combined with Hardware Expert Basic Combat Engineer - Tier 1 - Basic: Replaces the ability to turn trip mines on/off with a sensory mode - Aced: Speci

Third Person Lines

This short script found on the internet allows you to hear Third Person lines that normally only others can hear except you. Nothing more. Simply extract the file into your Payday 2 mods folder. Download :

Throwables In Team Loadout

About This mod displays the currently equipped throwable for each connected player in the team loadout overview. Secondary deployables are also shown for players if they are determined to be eligible for the Jack of All Trades skill. Preview New in 0.0.2

Translucent Mission Briefing GUI

About Tired of having to ask "Safe?" before spawning? Why have to ask if the game is in stealth, when you can see for yourself? Stealth players, this one's for you. Sick of spawning into a game, only to join another player's fall into custody or

Two-Click Safe House

About This little mod restores the Safe House button on the main menu, which was removed in U110. As before, you will be prompted for confirmation to avoid unintentional loads (but this behavior can be configured to allow true one-click functionality). Wh

Ultimate Localization Manager

Translate payday 2 to Chinese!!! ??????!!! Description This mod translated payday 2 to Chinese(Traditional) If have any problem please join Group and ask in that group For installation guide,plz read this article Q&A Download Download

UnHackMe (SandBox)

UnHackMe transforms your PD2 installation into a testing-sandbox, so you can freely mess around with other gameplay-changing mods, while beeing cut off from official games and statistics. What it does: Disables creation/joining of public lobbies Disables

Uppers-enabled First Aid Kit Contours

About This mod replaces the contours around Uppers-enabled First Aid Kits (FAK) to allow them to be distinguished from basic ones. Basic FAKs retain their usual aquamarine contour, while Uppers-enabled FAKs now have a deeper blue contour. This mod works b

Various Text Changes

After a long time of me not doing anything, I present to you the Various Text Changes mod! This is basically the 'Heists and Others' preset I put together for the Custom Strings mod, except that it now features more changes and auto-updates! Some of the c

Wave Survived

Wave Survived is getting 2 new assault states banners into the game. When the assault is ended, Wave Survived will come up. When the assault is endless, Endless Wave will come up.

Waypoint Tweaks

About Sick of Payday 2's waypoints always huddling together near the center of the screen, and how long they take to settle into their normal positions while you whirl around trying to locate the target in question? With this mod, you can customize those

Weapons attachments customizer

Weapons attachments customizer is mod that allows to visually change attachments models and make weapons look like you want without sacrificing stats. Mod also features options that extend possible customization and functionality for some weapons as: Pro


This is a Mod collection of several useful HUD altering mods. I've modified them and added features, I felt were needed or useful. It was originally a recreated and updated version of GageHUD, since it was really outdated and kind of painful to maintain

Your Opinion, My Choice

This mod requires BLT. Introduction/Credits First of all thanks DMC, B1313, LazyOzzy, Seven et al. and all the folks behind DMCWO, without which this mod and many like it would never exist. Indeed some parts of the back-end use code which was first used i